following shot takes place when a cue ball has a forward rolling at the moment it hits the object ball. So after it strikes object ball, the motion causes the cue ball to recover frontward momentum, it causes the cue ball to carry on moving frontward after being touched. In case if a cue ball target to the middle of an object ball, then at first cue ball comes to the dead end, after that it will begin to follow object ball slowly, most probably at a less amount of speed when compared to an object ball. here you can read article best pool cues for the money According to the forward spin passed to a cue ball, depends on the final distance and speed cue ball travels.

In case if a cue ball targeted to a cut shot, a cue ball will bounce off the angled line direction that a stop shot will take place. This can be seen as an output of the frontward spin adding up some effort along the path of a cue ball.

For short distance, it is necessary to influence the follow-on to cue ball by hitting it above the centre, most probably a cue tip according to the value of following. You can keep the cue ball rolling for a certain distance by combining this with a follow through and hard strength.

Give a try to put object ball inside a side pocket while having the cue ball away from the straight ward line; then cue ball tends to follow object ball slowly, even some inches.

To develop your stroke, this is a good exercise, always try to follow cue ball and drop into the pocket where you hit an object ball. Practice this shot several times till you can strike it correctly. In case if you are in a straight ward line, follow shot lets you move some inches to some feet beyond the position of object ball as necessary. When you are going for a cut shot, this narrows the bend angle, and allow you to transfer cue ball to specific areas with a stunning shot.

Remember, when you are aiming an object ball which is far from cue ball, it is more comfortable to use a follow shot as cue ball naturally tend to get a forward spin while moving over a significant distance in best pool cues. You need to be wise enough to choose the perfect shot for the right place. Always pay attention to the table and apply the right shot.


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